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Price Examples

Example 1Monthly monitoring of 50 patent applications, including legal status, documents, ...£100 per month
Example 2Monthly monitoring of new applications of five competitors.£25 per month

Detailed Pricing

PatentsWatch differentiates between monitoring a single application based on its application number, and monitoring newly published application by a given search pattern. For each monitoring task, you can set an individual update frequency. More frequent updates mean that you are informed of changes earlier.

Monitoring By Application Number

Detailed and specific monitoring of individual applications by their Application Numbers. Includes monitoring of bibliographic data, legal status, documents, and much more.

Monitoring By Search Pattern

Monitoring of newly published applications by a search pattern, such as classification, title, applicant, inventor, legal status, and much more. Reliably detects new applications fitting the search parameters.

Most Popular
Update Frequency:monthlytwice a monthweeklydaily
Monitoring By Application Number£2per month & application£3per month & application£5per month & application£10per month & application
Monitoring By Search Pattern£5per month & pattern£7per month & pattern£10per month & pattern£16per month & pattern

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We offer significant discounts to all customers monitoring a larger amount of applications.

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