Can you afford to not know about the patent activities around you?

Automated Patent Application Monitoring

  • Receive email alerts
  • Monitor applications and keywords
  • USPTO PAIR, EPO Register, WIPO (PCT)
  • Track office actions, documents, continuity data, family, ...
  • Automatic PDF reports (weekly, monthly, quarterly)

Our Clients

IP Law Firms

Offer patent monitoring services to your clients: provide them with critical business intelligence, and create a new source of income for your firm.

  • Timely inform your clients of important news regarding their own and their competitors’ applications.
  • Create reliable, monthly billable work for your firm.
  • Have more time to advise your clients of e.g. how to respond to an office action.

Companies & Research Organizations

Stay on top of the patent activities in your industry by monitoring both your own and your competitors’ patent portfolio.

  • Get critical information at the earliest possible moment.
  • Keep an eye on competitors, be it to know their future product focus or to detect potential infringement.
  • Gather useful data for your R&D and general patent strategy.

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Save Time

Never waste time again with looking for updates yourself or entering captchas on PAIR. Add new applications quickly to the monitoring and receive automatic alerts. Recent changes to applications are clearly presented to you, and documents can be downloaded within seconds.

Keep Up To Date

Have peace of mind to never miss any updates to applications important to you. In case of changes to a monitored application, our system immediately sends out notifications to you and/or your clients.

Stay On Top

Our fail-proof, enterprise-level monitoring solution can track thousands of applications for you. You can not only monitor application by their number, but also receive alerts for anything matching specific keywords, inventors, applicants, and much more.

Free Setup & Demonstration

If you already have a list of applications you want to be monitored, or if you’re already using a monitoring solution, please contact us and we set up a free trial account for you. We import all your applications and no work is required from your side.

Feature Highlights

Want to know more? We also have a detailed description of all features

Easy Setup & Editing

Add and monitor one or thousands of applications at once, edit them in batches, use auto-adding of continuity data.

Receive Alerts

Get notified of any changes to applications monitored by you, e.g. by email.

View Applications

No need to visit the troublesome websites of patent offices ever again, because all data is prepared for you for easy viewing.

Database Search

Search the complete databases of USPTO PAIR, EPO Register, and WIPO: keywords, titles, inventors, applicants, examiners, and much more.

Security & Access Control

Multiple users with different access rights, secure and encrypted data storage, we have it all.

Works On Every Device

Our software runs in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere and with any device, both desktop and mobile.

Customer Support

Need help with adding applications, or have any questions? Customer support is included in all prices.


Do you have specific software you’re already using and want to connect it with Patentswatch? Please contact us!

Our WebMini Promise

Valid For All Our Services

In the Cloud

Work with our services wherever you want on any computer. Nothing to install or upgrade.

Easy-to-use Software

Our products are intuitive. Powerful software does not have to be difficult to use!

Free Trial

All our products come with a free 30-day trial. No obligation, no credit card required.

Honest Prices, No Surprises

All our services have fixed pricing plans with no hidden fees or catches.

Choose Your Pricing Plan

Choose between monthly and yearly billing, upgrade to a bigger plan or downgrade to a smaller plan at any time.

Data Safety and Privacy

We lock down and guard our servers, use SSL encryption (the same as banks), and backup your mission-critical data daily.

Flexible Cancellation

Cancel any time, no questions asked. No setup/termination fees either.

Outstanding Support

Contact us any time with your questions and we reply within 24 hours (usually much faster). All your questions are answered by our in-house support team.

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